5 Design Tips to Help You Minimize Home Cleaning

Whether you live in your own landed property or have taken up a property on rent in Singapore, one issue haunts all of us – Home Cleaning. Given that most of us spend half the time outside working and studying, keeping the house neat and clean can prove to be a problem. Did you know the design of your house contributes greatly to how much you actually need to clean? Imagine a house that is fully carpeted, designed with intricate furniture, paintings and sculptures, then think of all the dusting and wiping you have to do to make sure they don’t collect dust.

To help you out, we came out with some easy home design tips to help you minimize your home cleaning:

1.     The Floor comes first


The thing with floors is that they get the dirtiest the fastest. Here are some quick tips to reduce the need to clean your floors every day!

Tip #1: Dust is more visible on dark coloured floors. Unless you have time to mop it clean every day, go for a lighter shade.

Tip #2: Keep carpets limited to bedrooms. Carpets are much harder to clean and is very time-consuming. You will also have to call in a professional cleaner to come by every couple of months to do a thorough cleaning. If you really like carpets and cannot live without them, consider large rugs or carpet tiles.

Tip #3: Op for hardwood floors as they are the easiest to clean.

2.     Storage Planning:


Instead of cluttering the house with all your unused junk, buy furniture with storage space. You get as lovely furniture AND a storage space. Double whammy.

Tip #4: You should keep the higher storage cabinets for items that you rarely use. The key is to put the items in places where they are actually required.

3.     Re-do Wall Coverings:


If your wall is hard to clean then you might want to consider changing your wallpaper to vinyl wall coverings. They are affordable and easy to clean. Plus, they came in a large variety of designs and material.

Tip #5: Paint that are glossy are usually easier to clean. Use glossy paint for areas that need more cleaning, such as the kitchen.

Though you wouldn’t want to re-do walls if you have a property on rent in Singapore but can choose your rental property carefully.

4.     Choosing Quality over Quantity:


Try not to overload your house with a lot of furniture or items that are hardly ever used. You have to be minimal in this regard. Choosing quality over quantity is the key to this.

Tip #6: Less is more. Be selective with the furniture you choose.

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