5 Factors to consider when looking for an HDB Resale Flat

One of the big steps to adulting is buying your first home. Since the BTO waiting list is way too long, the more accessible choice of first home for many adults is a resale flat. Buying a resale flat does not mean missing out on anything. In fact, there are many advantages, as long as you look into your options carefully. Additionally, resale flats are often located in mature estates where amenities are easily available.

1. Check the condition of the flat and identify any defects

As the former owner would make the flat look as perfect as possible, you need to look beyond the cosmetics to see what’s going on. It is always good to observe all the little details in the flat and look out for any signs of leakages, uneven or bouncy floors, cracks in walls or ceiling. 

Also, check the water pressure of taps and showers, and any wear and tear or deliberate damage within the unit.

There are some potential pitfalls when buying a resale flat, so exercise a little caution to avoid problematic units that require a huge amount of money for renovation works.

2. Check for loan shark graffiti and observe for any CCTVs installed

When viewing a flat, inspect the flat carefully and take note of any signs of loan shark graffiti or inexplicable red coats of paint. But, always remember that if you don’t see any traces of vandalism, always examine more closely… 

Just because the former owner couldn’t pay up… you wouldn’t want to land yourself in a miserable situation or to even deal with the hassle.  Furthermore, look out for any CCTVs installed along your corridor, as one way to dissuade a loan shark runner is to install CCTVs and this may be another sign of security concerns.

3. Check for relevant amenities

Wouldn’t it be ideal to stay in a self-sufficient estate where supermarkets, eateries, ATM, and bus interchanges are within a stone’s throw away from your flat?

Nearby mall access is definitely a bonus, but here’s a question to think about – how often do you visit the mall? If you’ll rarely go there, then the mall access may not be worth the price premium that you are paying for. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood and discover the facilities that are available around you. With that in mind, it is important to find a neighbourhood that suits your needs before buying.

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4. Check the size and layout of the flat

It is always critical to observe the physical layout of the flat and consider the space you would need in the future. Families with children may require a more spacious living space as compared to young couples and singles. Apart from the number of bedrooms, you should also consider the physical layout of your flat. 

Our climate is hot all year round, and no one wants to go home to a bedroom that feels like an oven. Hence, many try to avoid flats where the bedrooms face the West, as these get the full impact of the harsher afternoon/evening sun. North-South facing units generally do not receive any direct sun throughout the day and tend to be breezy.

5. Find out more about the flat’s history and reason for sale

During your flat viewing, it would be great to find out the underlying reason why the current owner is selling their flat. This question may be innocuous, but it is best to find out more about the flat’s history before making the big decision to buy it.  Ask the previous flat owners and property agents about the flat’s history as they are obliged to disclose any information to you. Don’t forget to do your own research before viewing the flat!

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