8 foolproof ways to effectively market your listings online. Number 5 is a must!

Always remember one thing; you are not selling just a listing, you are selling a lifestyle. Living in Singapore is very expensive, so people look for best possible options. The most effective medium these days is the internet. Utilize this resource to the fullest, and if you think that your creativity has reached its saturation point, then, here are a few ideas that will make your listing appealing.

Strong Listing descriptions


Make the descriptions appealing to the buyers by using catchy phrases and fancy words. Advertise it well. It will be your best attempt in selling your property.

Use keywords in listing campaigns


It’s always intelligent to incorporate keywords in your marketing phrases. Potential buyers mostly use these words in search engines. This way it also gets easier for you to identify the needs of the buyers these days. Hash tags will serve you the best.

Get Amazing Real Estate Listing Photos


It is the photos of your listings that will ultimately catch the attention of the potential buyers. Attract those new foreigners to your amazing apartment or condo using striking photos, and let them have an ultimate Singapore experience. For your further convenience, let me tell you that truuue.com provides free photography services.

Property Videos

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What else can be more beneficial for you than a video of your property? Actually, there is one thing; I’ll get to it in a minute. Anyways, let the buyer ensure that you are giving him all the details of your listing.This way you will definitely grab his attention. Don’t forget to include that wonderful view from the balcony in your video.

Create a 3D visualization of your house


Well! 3D visualization is actually the most beneficial thing for the marketing of your listing. What else can serve your purpose best then giving the buyer firsthand experience of being inside your apartment.

For more information on 3DV, visit Truuue.com and 


Prioritize your listings


Make your best offer. Make it your priority and decorate your homepage with it.

Use emails


Yes, you have to be a bit irritating. Leave an email or two to the interested candidates and let your listings reach their inboxes.

Leverage Social Media

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Exhaust this one medium to the possible extent. Incorporate blogs and articles in your campaign. Websites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram will also help you in reaching a greater audience.

During the past few years purchasing and renting of property in Singapore has become very expensive. Don’t let that disturb your business. Market your listings cleverly and enjoy that incoming money.

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