About Truuue

Welcome to TRUUUE..

A Great New Property Experience That’s All About U, U and U!

Yes, that’s right.

We’re a new and exciting property portal that’s truly focused on partnering you throughout your journey of either buying a new condo, renting out your property or if even you’re a tenant looking to rent in Singapore to set it up as your new home.

At TRUUUE, we’re constantly working towards a one common purpose  – to make your personal buyer, landlord and tenant journey a lot faster, easier, cost effective, hassle free and transparent.

In short, we’re here to give you a much better property experience!

TRUUUE uses technologies and AI based tools to help us along the way in building a platform and a true ecosystem of users and services that everybody would love.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, we’re TRUUUE, with not one, two, but three U’s in our name, because, well, we wanted the business to truuuly be about ‘U’, the buyer, the landlord and the tenant.

U, U and U, get it?

Come Join Us On Our Journey!

With that, we’d like your TRUUUE experience to start at the very beginning.

We’d like to be your friend and partner on your journey who’ll be there for you when you want important decision making information.

We’d like to be there to help you shortlist your choices.

We’ll also be there when you need to find the perfect tenant or that perfect landlord so new homes can be created.

And if you need any help at all to get settled in or, even once you’re comfy and cosy at home that we helped your find, just give us a call!

Our friendly concierge services will get you that help you need as well.

Then, when you decide to move on, we’ll be there for you as well to take that walk with you on your new journey.

Here’s to a truly enjoyable journey for all of us!