Designing a home for your Ah Gong and Ah Ma


Home is a place where we can feel the love and affection of our family. It is where you can be yourself and do a drag fart without guilt #deadpoolreference. To protect our dearest grandparents (especially grandma who will usually give the biggest ang pao and feed us till our tummy can take no more), we have to ensure that the house is safe from any potential accidents.  

Build a Lift

chair lift

If you live in a landed property, expecting your grandparents to climb the stairs to the upper levels is just inconsiderate. Consider moving them to the ground floor (only if you have a proper bedroom!) or built a chair lift or a personal hydraulic lift to send them up.   

Safe Stairs


If building a lift is too much, consider attaching hand rails to both sides of the stairs and make sure it extends beyond the first and last step. It is also advisable to mark the edge of every step with a brightly coloured stickers so that they don’t miss a step.



Not doing anything to wet bathroom floors is just asking for an accident to happen. Always lay out a bathroom mat to prevent injuries in the bathroom. You can also install a handrail near the toilet seat and bath tub for mobility.

Door Handles

door handle.jpg

Bet you didn’t think that door handles play a huge role in designing a house for your grandparents. Well, they do. Most elderly people experience arthritis at some point and it is extremely painful for them to move around. Find a door handle that doesn’t require them to wrap their fingers around. For example, a round door knob is a big no-no, while a door lever is good because they can simply use their palm to push it down.


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