Selling/renting your HDB: How to be a good host during a viewing

It’s been two months since your renter moved out, and all your efforts of attracting a new one have been in vain. People visit your apartment to never call again. I know you are going through a difficult phase but are you sure you have been trying your best?  Don’t let this opportunity slip away from your hands. Next time you are holding an open house, keep the following things in mind:

Welcome visitors at the door


Make sure you set different times with different visitors. Having more than one visitor at a time will make you miss the opportunity of interacting with each and every one of them. Greet them well. Be very open about giving information about the apartment. And don’t forget to thank them for their visit.

Approach visitors during the walk-through

During a walk-through, don’t stand in a corner staring at the screen of your cell phone for no reason at all. Approach the visitors, ask them what they liked or disliked about the house. This way you’ll also learn where you need to improve.

Get the house in showing shape


It does not matter if your apartment has an amazing architecture or a super location, if it’s not updated, people won’t even bother to have a good look at it. Arrange furniture in a way that it looks spacious. Keep the curtains of the window open that offers the best view of Singapore. Let it be enjoyable for the visitors’ eyes. If required then yes you have to mow the lawn, water the flowers and trim those hedges.

Make it sparkle


Cleaner houses always look more beautiful. You definitely don’t want your visitors to notice the dust on the dining table. So before any visit make sure to do all the mopping, dusting, scrubbing etc.

Offer food or drinks


Show the visitors that nobody can beat you when it comes to hospitality. Make arrangements for some small snacks, some cookies and biscuits will do. Offer them tea, coffee, or anything else they might like.

Make it smell inviting


Avoid excessive spraying of air fresheners or perfumes. There is a chance you may get a visitor like me, who is allergic to really strong smells. If such a thing happens, then rest of the house tour will be followed by sneezing.

Hold it during best hours


I know you love your weekend; your only relaxations hours during the week. But there’s no gain without losing. If your visitor wants to set the hours when they can peacefully look at the apartment, then don’t miss this chance of making them happy.

It is very difficult for buyers (especially international ones) to find the finest property for themselves in Singapore, especially because of the cost. Make them feel that your apartment is the dream home they have been looking for. So grab a paper and pen, and jot down the above-mentioned points!

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