For HDB Sellers: 3 Ways to Bring Your Listing to the Next Level

You have an amazing property to sell in Singapore. You listed it in the top portals and apps. Days pass but you are unable to close your listing and find a suitable buyer. Sounds familiar?

More often than not, we know the problem might just lie with the quality of your listing!

After all, you cannot imagine to spike a prospective buyer’s interest with pictures of (only) windows, old furniture, chipped floorboards and dirty laundry – Your amazing house deserves better!

Here is our updated list of Top 3 amazing ways to improve the quality of your listings!

#1 TOP SUGGESTION: Upgrade Your Photo Quality

In today’s time, you don’t have any excuse to use poor quality photography in your listings. In the real estate market, visuals have the power to make or break your deal. Here are few tips to ensure high-quality photography, however we strongly recommend using a professional photographer:

  • Let the light in – Use ‘golden hour’ for clicking pictures. Golden Hour is an hour before/after sunrise (set). This is the best natural light setting and will enhance your photo quality, without using expensive filters or camera.
  • Pay attention to the background. Remove any clutter or unappealing items to give it a clean and open look.
  • Upload your own high-resolution original photos of your property. Clear, original photos help paint a better picture of your home to the buyer and make it more appealing.
  • Edit your pictures. With the advent of technology, you can make your pictures sharp, bright, change tone through your phone picture editors in a jiffy!
  • A day and night view will give your listings perspective. We recommend to take pictures of your home in different angles and also at different times of the day.
  • Highlight the key areas of your house – Identify the best place in the house and make sure to cover them – Sea-facing Windows, Terrace garden, balcony with a city view, Spacious kitchen et. al.
  • Go an extra mile and give your potential buyers/tenants a virtual tour of your home and let them experience your home first-hand. It will make your listing stand out and buyers will be able to better imagine the space. Click here to see a sample.

Remember, your tenant or buyer will visualize their lives in the house – enable them using stunning pictures and videos.

 #2 It is all in the words! Write a description that sells:

The rule of thumb: you know your house the best – describe it to include all details, yet keep the description engaging and concise.

  • Use positive words. Do not repeat information.
  • Highlight any unique selling points – a gourmet kitchen, oversized yards, hardwood floors, and garages that are worth highlighting.
  • Include details on major amenities near your property, suitability for certain groups of guests (like list parks and public library, if you are targetting couple with children) and a description of the view and location.
  • Improved, upgraded and a well-maintained house is attractive to both the buyers and tenants. Include details of any recent upgrades, maintenance or renovation activity.
  • This can be tricky, but if you can do research on keywords that are used to locate your property type. Include the trending keywords in your description.

Make sure you give your description a second glance before hitting the submit button!

Always pin the location of the property at the end of the description so that the customers can easily analyze the neighbourhood and can reach the spot.

Bonus Tip: Include compelling, intriguing information that excites the buyers/tenant e.g consider writing about the ‘experience of living’ in the house rather than focusing on hard-facts or features alone.

#3 Home staging – Make up to look better


Home staging is great for owners with an empty house. No one wants to see just four walls and a ceiling. It is highly advisable to engage a professional to stage your home for a week so that you can for one, take better photos, and two, have potential buyers get a better sense of the space in the house.

Having said that Home staging doesn’t have to be a costly or even a time-consuming process—especially if your house is already in good shape.

Quick tips to DIY a home staging:

  • Start with a deep cleaning of the space to welcome the potential tenants and buyers into a fresh smelling, spick and span house.
  • Add a mirror to style a space and open up the room, making it brighter and seem larger.
  • Replace old, heavy drapes and window treatments for something more modern, flowy and breezy.
  • Deck your bathroom with crisp, white towels or fluffy ones in monochromatic hues.
  • Give the space a rich look with clean, right-sized rug in a complementary style to the room.
  • Reorganize Bookcases or Mantels – De-clutter, add trinkets and stylish bookends to accentuate the space, add character and personality to the room

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