How to prepare your home for viewing

Be it an HDB flat or a landed property, you will definitely face some sort of competition when trying to sell or lease your property. So instead of trying to start a price war with them, why not give your prospective buyers the soft treatment and spoil them with these awesome tips! All you need to do is to appeal to all five of their senses.

1) Sight


Draw those curtains! Don’t keep your house dark when people come for the viewing. Adjust artificial light for the different areas of your house. For example, you will want to keep the lights dim and soft in the bedroom but bright in the kitchen. You also need to declutter the house for a better first impression. Hide your personal belongings and keep the place clutter-free.

2) Touch


Expect your buyers to have some physical contact with your furniture when they come for a viewing. Don’t get annoyed at them though! They’re simply getting a feel of the house. So fluff up your cushions, clean the floors and dust the furniture. A clean house is more likely to appeal to buyers than a dirty, dusty one.

3) Smell


One clever trick to make the house more welcoming is to add a few ‘homey’ smells. Pop some freshly baked goods, like cookies, pies and tarts into the oven and it will definitely earn you some brownie points (pun intended!). Same goes for coffee. For a “brand new” home feel, you can opt for a more citrusy scent such as grapefruit or lemongrass. Otherwise, if you like the smell of new furniture (or what we call, the IKEA smell), go for pine scent.

4) Taste


A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Food is another great way to bring about a positive impression to your buyers. However, don’t go overboard with a full buffet. Keep it small, but tasteful. Prepare finger food like sandwiches and canapes that they can eat while they explore the house. Cookies are something adults and kids can enjoy. And the heavenly smell of cookies is another plus point! An important thing to note is that you make sure the food halal certified and gluten free! You don’t want anyone with a gluten allergy to get a reaction!

5) Sound


You want your potential buyers to stay calm and relaxed as they go through your house. Slow classical music is a great way to keep them relaxed and associate your house with a feeling of tranquility and prestige. An added bonus is that slow music help buyers stay for a longer period of time, giving you more time impress and convince them!

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