All You Need to Know About Taking Photos for Your Property Listing

It’s five in the morning, you’re lying on your bed and wondering how to best market the house that you’ve been thinking of selling. “How does one take a good photo?”, you wonder. Deceptively easy, taking good photographs of your house requires much more effort than simply squeezing yourself into the furthest corner of your house and snapping a few pictures. Photography, particularly that of a real estate, is as much art as it is science – if done well, it can become a priceless masterpiece. While it is vital in photography to consider the functionalities and layout of the house; it is equally important to portray your house aesthetically pleasing and fundamentally flawless. This article will empower you to take beautifully elegant yet inherently practical photographs to awe viewers and sweep them off their feet, much like Cinderella was by the Prince.

Balance and Control both ambient and artificial light

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One of the key tenets of photography for private property, lighting plays a pivotal role in determining buyers’ perception of your home. Knowing about where light is coming from and using it to your advantage would thus make marketing your house much simpler and more effective. So draw your curtains, let the light shine through and embrace the eradication of darkness and gloom. Bringing in bright clean light would not only make your house appear much more spacious, it would also provide a cheerful and upbeat personality to your living space, as opposed to a gloomy suffocating jail cell. Negativity, begone!

That said, light bulbs with warm incandescent lights should be avoided at all costs as they produce ugly competing colour temperatures in areas next to, and even further away from windows. When taking photographs then, either turn them off or obtain lights which match the colour palette of your house and natural light.

Remove Clutter


No matter how beautiful the layout or how skilled the photographer, a house filled with garbage and teeming with cockroaches will be deemed as a disgusting, ugly house. If required, get down on your knees to remove stubborn dirt and junk clogging up your house (and noses). If the sparkling clean condition of your house will not evoke awe from your buyers, your selfless dedication in removing all traces of dirt sure will! 

Use the correct equipment


By this, I do not mean a handheld phone, regardless of how advanced technology has developed thus far. Instead, it is advisable to use cameras with wide-angle lenses, since they enable you to zoom out far enough for a full-scale shot without causing distortions. On that note, fish-eye lenses are a total no-no, with its creation of unrealistic proportions deeming it a taboo (in extreme cases, even a desecration) to the art of photography.

To eliminate the risk of camera shaking, it is also advisable to plant your camera onto a tripod. This not only increases professionalism, it also makes your life as a photographer much, much easier (think of those arm muscles!)

Photo-editing softwares

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Who hasn’t heard of Photoshop – the legendary photo-editing tool which enables one to create brilliant masterpieces at the click of a mouse. Indeed, seasoned photographers often spend time doing post-picture editing, so as to obtain the perfect lighting and outcome. Indeed, then, no process of photography is complete without the post-picture editing!

Other than Photoshop, there are also other softwares which enable one to create seamless designs and beautiful works of art. One possible software, known as DVDvideosoft, provides a whole suite of services including 3D photo-making and photograph resize and converter.

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