Mr. Forgetful’s Amnesia or Just Denial – Scary Rental Scams Story 2

Truuue-ly Petty Scary Landlord from Hell

How difficult is it to remember your own house condition? What is working, what is not – Especially the one which brings in a decent rent every month?

Well, looks like, for Shamir, his landlord was completely oblivious of all things wrong in his own apartment on rent in Singapore. Not in a pleasant situation to be in eh?

6 months left for his lease to expire, Shamir is using Truuue for his next abode, “It isn’t too early to start looking, although in my situation I am almost forced to [Thanks to Mr Forgetful!! 😡], I wish many landlords will start advertising much in advance as well!”

Mr. Forgetful

“Amnesia or just denial, no idea! He never accepted that I fixed so many things!”

Excerpt from the interview with Shamir Hamid.

Shamir – I was aware that the HDB unit I rented six months back had to go through some renovation to be livable. However I was in a hurry and I wanted a place in the lower floors as my parents, who are also staying with me, had some specifications about that.

This place met all the requirements except I was worried about the worn out appliances might stop anytime and the overall status of the kitchen and bathroom fittings was quite dated. I had a quick chat with the landlord, who seems to be a reasonable person and he agreed that there was a need for some maintenance. He assured that he would fix most of it before we move in.

Renters Insurance for Tenant

Truuue – Did he fix everything?

Shamir – Oh no, far from that. Probably a few paint jobs were done, just patches of fresh paint, nothing much. Apart from that, I saw everything was as it was before.

I immediately informed him when I moved in and he reacted very strangely. He seemed to be totally unaware of the issues that we discussed earlier and I had to explain right from the beginning. I even sent him some of the photographs to explain and remind.

He said that he will fix them but when nothing happened after a week, I called him again. And the same thing happened again!

Truuue – He could not remember about the fixing the damages?

Shamir – Yes! He acted as if he had no clue and I was extremely frustrated by then. I told him that taps in kitchen and shower panel were leaking I would be paying from my pocket to fix it immediately. I also told him that I would adjust that with the next month’s rent.

Truuue – He agreed?

Shamir – Yes, and I spent about $200 to fix some of the things in the kitchen and bathroom. Informed him everything before fixing those and sent him a copy of the receipts.

When I paid my rent after deducting the expenses, he immediately called back and asked for an explanation. When I reminded him about our discussion he completely declined that and mentioned some of the things I claimed to have fixed were actually replaced by him before I moved in. He was sure that those were unnecessarily replaced.

Truuue – So have you left this place.

Shamir – Oh no! I cannot but I have stayed only for 6 months and I have a 12-month’s contract. If I leave now I would not get a refund of my deposit!

Truuue – Apart from using the TRUrental App for next time, where we do the due diligence on your behalf, you can always approach the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), Singapore Mediation Center (SMC) and Community Mediation Centre (CMC) are some of the groups that help resolve landlord/tenancy disputes. You can always approach the SMALL CLAIMS TRIBUNALS if you are planning legal action. [Truuue shared its latest “Landlord’s know-it-all guide to Security Deposit and Damage Recovery” for reference too]

At Truuue we are committed to delivering the best experience suited for both landlord and tenant while you rent in Singapore. We care about all the parties in the property transaction; we always aim for the WIN-WIN outcome. As you are reading this, our team is working relentlessly to find a suitable solution for these issues. To know more about our mission, follow us and download our app. Enjoy peace of mind for your next rental!

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