Super kiasu landlord’s tale of rent in Singapore

house for rent in Singapore of a possessive landlord

When you rent in Singapore, can a landlord enter the premise without the tenant’s permission? The answer should be there in the tenancy agreement. Hence a good agreement is of great importance to have peace of mind. According to Singapore Legal Advice:

“It is important to know the terms within the tenancy agreement. Most tenancy agreements will contain terms that give the tenant quiet enjoyment and exclusive possession. Hence, the landlord must allow his tenant to occupy the premises exclusively, without any intrusions and disturbances from outsiders.”

In most circumstances, the landlord needs to seek permission to enter the premise under the pretext of conducting repairs/maintenance or to show the property to prospective buyers or new tenants. A prior appointment is generally made to conduct this visit.

But what if the landlord suspects any wrongdoing by the tenant? The landlord should definitely talk to the tenant if there are any doubts rather than taking things in their own hand to investigate it. If things are extreme, then involving the legal authorities is highly recommended and the landlord must not take the risk and solve the matter on their own.

If under any circumstances, there are secret intrusions by the landlord due to no particular reason whatsoever, a tenant needs to take some action and reach out to the landlord to seek justification.

Here is an incident that happened to Alice Ling when she rented a condo in Punggol a year back and her landlord was her neighbour.

Super-kiasu landlord

“I put a camera and saw her entering the flat at least three times a day to check everything was alright or not.”

Alice – Now when I think about it I am a bit amused but at that time I was very irritated and felt I had no privacy. My landlord was an elderly lady and she stayed a couple of blocks away from the condo she rented me. I guess this was her son’s condo and he lived overseas, hence she was in charge of it.

That explains her action to be possessive and ensure that everything was in order. But as a tenant, it was a bit overwhelming for me to accept that someone is frequently accessing the same space without any permission.

TRUrental – How you handled this issue?

Alice – I was quite angry and even scared since I had a twelve-months agreement I could not do much to stop her doing this. I checked with my agent and he told me to talk to my landlord and sort it amicably. So I felt a little helpless and trapped.

Initially, I had doubt that someone was entering the house in my absence but I kept a camcorder switched on to be sure and I got the proof that my landlord was entering the flat at least three times a day to check everything was alright or not!

She had her keys and I could not stop her by any means. But then I observed her, I noticed, she was just being cautious and checked whether everything was in place or not – whether the windows were closed, the lights, AC, gas were off, etc.

At her age, she was a bit over-possessive about the place and I guess there were no solutions apart from assuring that I was taking good care and not to visit the place when I am not around.

TRUrental – Did she agree and stop her actions?

Alice – Not really, but it reduced considerably and I spoke to her son and managed to move out in the next couple of months without any hassle.

While it can be stressful letting a stranger into your house but it is also frustrating for the tenant if there is no trust and that results in intrusion into private space or stalking.

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