The Failed Noisy Singer – Deadly Tenant Sins Story 2

Noisy Tenants from Hell

In our endeavour to make rent in Singapore easy, improve the Truuue Rental App, and continuing our Halloween Series of “Tenants from Hell“, this week it is about NOISE!

Did you know according to a study led by NUS Professor, who heads the university’s masters in audiology programme and his students, Serangoon (73.1 decibels) is identified the noisiest places in Singapore followed by Orchard, Outram, Bukit Timah and Clementi?

This study also said an average outdoor sound level in Singapore throughout the day is equivalent to the noise made by a vacuum cleaner (69.4 decibels), which is more than the stipulated limit by the National Environmental Agency’s averaged recommendation of 67 decibels for an hour. A continuous exposure to noise at this level can cause hearing impairment.

Okay, so the short conclusion – Singapore is Noisy! Imagine, all day exposed to the average noise levels and coming home at night to loud neighbours. Here is Amanda’s story of:

The Failed Singer

“She converted my house into a KTV lounge!”

Excerpt from the interview with Amanda Koh.

Amanda – Honestly, although my tenant was noisy I did not suffer directly since I was not staying in the same block but I cannot say the same about the neighbours. They suffered miserably and it was very frustrating since not much could be done to get it sorted immediately.

Truuue – Can you elaborate?

Amanda – I rented my Bukit Timah HDB a year back to a young lady, who was doing some acting courses from a nearby college. She seems like a serious girl, quite focused on her career and I was very happy my place would be in good hands.

Truuue – When did your problem start?

Amanda – She was always noisy but I got to know about it a few months later. I grew up in the same place as it belonged to my parents. Although I have moved out now I have several friends in the neighbourhood who keep in touch.

I met one of my friends and she amusingly told me that my tenant is infamous among the neighbours due to her terrible singing skills. She seems to have frequent KTV nights with a bunch of friends and they are quite pathetic talents.

Well, I thought it was a silly joke and ignored.

Truuue – Someone else complained?

Amanda – I think things went out of proportion when one of the elderly neighbours directly reached out to my tenant to reduce the volume a bit in the wee hours of the morning and ended up having an argument.

Next thing I knew that the other residents are petitioning to have my tenant evicted.

Before it could have been worst I intervened and politely asked her to leave the place.

To my relief, she left after a month but I really had to make an effort to reach out to the neighbours and pacify them. Each one of them told me their pains – loud parties, shouting, singing, screaming, etc.

At one point I felt that I am lucky not to be staying there but then I felt quite guilty to have misjudged my tenant and gave her my flat without much questioning.

Truuue – You could have suggested them to opt for CMC (Community Mediation Centre), where a trained mediator could have intervened and tried to lead the conversation to a mutually agreeable solution.

If that failed, the last option would have been CDRT (Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals) to resolve the issue permanently or the easiest is next time list with us – we verify the tenants for you and will also act as the mediator so you don’t have to ever have difficult conversations with your tenants!

At TRUrental we are committed to delivering the best experience suited for both landlord and tenant. We care about all the parties in the property transaction; we always aim for the WIN-WIN outcome. As you are reading this, our team is working relentlessly to find a suitable solution for these issues. To know more about our mission, follow us and download our app. Enjoy peace of mind for your next rental!

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