Selling Your Property: Top 10 Ways to Increase Home Value

Imagine selling your house above market valuation. Is it simply a dream? Is it even possible? The answer is a big fat YES! It IS possible to sell your home at a much higher price. It’s all about the aesthetics and how visually pleasing it is to your buyer. As noted by Juan Montoya, “a room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” If this sounds intimidating to you, fret not! we have consolidated the top 10 ways we know that can increase your home value with zero to minimum cost!

Give your house lots of tender loving care… and maintenance


We all love luxury Jacuzzis and walk-in closets. Yet, before considering luxurious upgrades, it is vital to first address the basics. Look out for potential areas of declining quality, such as peeling paint and worn down fixtures. Placing emphasis on maintenance ensures houses remain in pristine condition, thereby increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers.

First impression counts


Just like a job interview, the first seven seconds of exposure play a very important role in determining the buyers’ interest in a house. This makes it especially important to improve the external design and functions of the house. You don’t want yourself or your guests to be caught screaming in the pouring rain over a doorbell which refuses to sound. While such scenes are usually depicted as romantic scenes in movies, I assure you that these images only exist in the beautiful world that is make-belief. Reality is much harsher. And so much more unromantic.

Get Buyers floored by your floor quality


How are the conditions of the floor? Ninety-four percent of prominent real estate experts recommend spending money in safeguarding the quality of floorboards, as it plays a huge role in determining the attractiveness of the house to buyers – after all, that’s the surface one will come into contact with most within the house. Specifically, real estate experts estimate that an average investment of $600 to $900 on floorboards will yield a return of up to $2,000. Now then, what’s not to love about investing in improving one’s floors.

Wall-flower No More

Picture 7

Visibly prominent, wall colours play a huge role in determining the success of home sales. Choosing wall colours and designs are decisions worth being deemed a masterpiece in itself, with neutral colours presenting generally more likable. You definitely don’t want to live in a house with a style which raises your blood pressure every time you see it right? Be kind – don’t torture your potential buyers.

Kitchen Upgrades

Modern Kitchen
modern and comfortable kitchen

Central to the livelihood of the family and individual, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the epitome of familial warmth and love. How often do you go home yearning to taste the delicious, love-filled meal of your loved one? We understand, we wish for these simple pleasures too. By upgrading your kitchen, you will not only contribute to such simple luxuries as embraced by buyers, the improvement of the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal will also increase its viability to families and cooking-oriented individuals.

Tree Hugger

Picture 6

There is no doubt that plants and shrubs will invigorate liveliness and appeal to any home, but when shopping for plants, one should be careful to consider several factors to save you (and your wallet) from the physical and emotional strain. Purchasing plants which are easy to maintain and require little sunlight will mean less (plant) deaths and (your) emotional trauma.

We have an article about indoor landscaping where we suggest some of the most beautiful and easiest indoor plants to grow in your home! Click here to read more!

Spacious Space


Think your house is big just because it has a “bigger than average” square footage compared to the other units? Guess what! Land size isn’t the only space that counts. Visual space, or how big your home feels, also counts in determining buyer inclination. As a seller, the key to success lies not particularly in enlightenment (nor disillusionment, don’t give up yet), but rather to make each room feel larger. By throwing out unneeded clutter, increasing the presence of sunlight in a home and investing in more effective shelving, one can create the perception (or illusion) of spaciousness.

Bathroom Upgrade


Keep it clean. The state of a house can be determined by the state of its bathroom – purportedly the filthiest room in the house. Since dirt and grime can be embedded in bathroom surfaces very easily, it is important to freshen it frequently and thoroughly to inspire awe among buyers regarding the spotless nature of your bathroom.

Clean up

old house

Litter drives away potential buyers faster than grime and dirt. As painful as it would be, it is also recommended to remove traces of your (fabulous) personality, since buyers’ may not (alas!) share your tastes and may face difficulties trying to imagine themselves surrounded by your individual trinkets. What may appear to be Wonderland to you may be something akin to a labyrinthine maze, for which they do not have the guidance of the bespectacled bunny from Alice in Wonderland.

Eliminate Odours

Picture 10

People oftentimes are so accustomed to their own smell, or the smell of their home, that they are unable to detect the stench that emanates from them. If you think your house smells absolutely brilliant, that’s great! Just to be safe though, invite a trusted friend over for dinner to confirm or deny this (through exclamation or the pain-filled grimace crossing their face).  Try to be understanding and restrain yourself, for both of your sakes. If you have pets or smoke, it would be advisable to thoroughly clean beddings and furniture to eliminate all potential odours.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get rid of those clutter and make those upgrades!

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