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The Threatening Landlord

“There will be consequences if you cannot pay on time.”

Excerpt from the interview with Jennifer Koh.

Jennifer – I have been to Singapore many times on business trips since the company I work for is headquartered here. When they asked me to stay and work here for the extended duration, I was pleasantly surprised and readily accepted the offer. I was quite excited to stay independently and yet not too far away from my home in Malaysia.

Since my office is in Paya Lebar, I was suggested by one of my colleagues to get a place nearby and I quickly rented an HDB in Eunos that was within my budget and yet quite close to the work location.

Truuue – What kind of problems you had?

Jennifer – I was not quite aware of the renting terms and conditions and had no time to focus on the nitty-gritty when I relocated. There was a standard Tenancy Agreement (TA) that was prepared before I moved into the place and I managed to meet the landlord just once when he handed over the keys. He seemed quite friendly and helpful. He even offered me a lift to my office when he heard that I would be going to the office after taking the house keys from him.

Truuue – So there were no issues in the beginning. When did it start?

Jennifer – No issues at all! I was quite happy and had no doubt that everything would be great.

The problem started when I was asked to pay my rent in advance by the end of the month. I moved in on 5th of a month and in my TA it was mentioned that I should be paying my rent on the 5th day of each calendar month.

However, by month end, I received a call from my landlord who asked me to pay the next month’s rent without a miss on the same day or next to avoid any issues. Nothing stuck me and I agreed to pay him but was a bit offended by the tone of his voice. Later that day when I spoke to my office colleagues about it, they asked me to check the TA and then I realized that my landlord’s demand was completely unlawful.

I called him back to remind him about the TA and that was when he got abusive and started shouting at me. I was in tears and immediately disconnected the phone. But he called again and again till I answered his call after sometime. He told me that he could throw me out of the house and charge me penalties for not paying him on time. He even went to extent of reminding me that he knows where I work and he can come to my office and talk to the company if I am not willing to follow his terms.

Truuue – How this got resolved?

Jennifer – Not easily. I had to tell my father and ask for help. Luckily his friend is a lawyer in Singapore. I was scared and I already paid but did not want to extend my stay in that place for one more day.

I moved out and started staying with one of my friends. In the meanwhile, my father’s friend had a chat with my landlord. This discussion went on for a few days and after that, I was told I could move out completely without any problem.

Still, I lost nearly $1000 from the advanced deposit, I never received the complete money in return.

Truuue – This was quite an unfortunate incident. Would you like our team to monitor the public listings and provide you with the best match within your budget and area preference? You may chat ‘privately’ before viewing the property and even withheld your identity until you are confident enough. All this is free. You may go ahead and splurge on the rent if you wish and are confident.

Jennifer – Yes! Yes! Yes!

If only I found you earlier Truuue, I could have easily avoided this traumatic experience!!

At Truuue we are committed to delivering the best experience suited for both landlord and tenant. We care about all the parties in the property transaction; we always aim for the WIN-WIN outcome. As you are reading this, our team is working relentlessly to find a suitable solution for these issues. To know more about our mission, follow us and download our app. Enjoy peace of mind for your next rental!


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