What is 3D Visualisation and why you should use it

Think Google Street View but in your house! 


Click on any of the images to have a view of the showflat units in 3DV!

3D Visualisation is the digital representation of a real-world environment. It provides the feeling of being in a physical location with real 3D data to give the audience a true sense of presence – the feeling of being in a place.

When purchasing a home, seeing the place and experiencing it is important to the buyer.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, you would want to see the place and walk through it before you buy it, wouldn’t you?


With 3D visualisation, you can walk through the space like you’re really there. Navigate around easily with the arrow keys on any desktop or browser without any additional downloads. Plus, with the dollhouse view you can see the whole property at once.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.45.34 pm

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