What tenants need!  4 services to keep in mind while you rent in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most attractive countries for expats to live and work. Needless to say, it is common for expats to move into properties on rent in Singapore.

However, whether you are new to the country or simply upgrading your home, one is often unsure of all the impromptu requirements that may arise as one settles in and make this country home for the next foreseeable future.

Fret not! Based on our industry experience, we have compiled a list of 4 services that you as a tenant in Singapore should know and be prepared.




Moving to a new home is a happy affair. To make your moving day a memorable milestone for yourself start with engaging a reliable mover. This will give you a hassle-free experience to move to a property on rent in Singapore.



In a busy city with most hours of the week working, everyone is just too exhausted to do the daily household chores of dusting, mopping and general maintenance. More so, not everyone can afford the luxury of having full time help at home.

So what are your alternatives? How can you have an energetic life for the family after work?

The answer is simple — by leveraging services from our other concierge partner Kaodim. You can get professional cleaners, contractors, caterers among others from Kaodim’s platform for services.


Air-Con Services


A tropical country by the sea, Singapore is hot and humid almost all year round.

What brings respite to this heat?

The almost 24/7 air cons at our workplaces and home.

Needless to say, they need regular maintenance too so you “Don’t sweat it!”. In fact most rental agreements have a clause for servicing the air cons once a quarter.

Our suggestion, sign up with a vendor for regular servicing and ensure your air con is working at its maximum potential.




Tenancy agreements in Singapore usually state “Any handyman jobs above $150 is to be borne by the tenant themselves”. So next time your bathroom tap leaks or you want to hang your favourite picture on the wall, don’t scramble, just call us for our exclusive concierge service!

At Truuue we believe not just helping you find your soulful living, but also enable you to live carefree — Because time is irreplaceable and life is infinitely easier when everything you need for your home is in a single TRUrental (also known as Truuue Tenant) app. So let’s make your time when you shift or rent in Singapore easier. Download now!

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