Wrath of a Wife Beater & Renters Insurance – Deadly Tenant Sins Story 1

Tenants from Hell - 7 Deadly Sins

“Giving out your place on rent in Singapore is not just difficult, it can be dangerous too” – we have heard one too many times!

However, a lot is still unspoken and not much effort put into solving this permanently.

In our endeavour to improve the Truuue Rental App, we often conduct surveys, in-person interviews and gather product feedback via social media and real-time interviews.

This has lead to the uncovering of many scary rental scams and incidents Singapore landlords fall prey to.

Introducing our Halloween series of “Tenants from Hell” in which we will feature real experience as shared with us by the landlords, who poured their hearts out to us.

The wife beater

“He could have beaten his wife to death!”

Excerpts from the interview with Bethanie Ong

Bethanie – I have a condo in Pasir Ris, which was not rented for three years since I purchased it. It was essentially a new place and I was thinking of moving there myself. However, I had to stay near my parents’ home in the west and realized that it might take me some more time to go and stay over there myself. Someone suggested to me to rent out and I thought it would be a good idea. That was such a huge mistake!

Truuue – Tell us, what happened?

Bethanie – I thought it might be a good idea to rent it out to a small family who can take care of the place as if it’s their own and when I met this young couple from India, I thought it’s a perfect match. Wow, that was probably my worst judgment of character. I have lost confidence since then. Not sure whether I will ever let out my place to anyone.

Renters Insurance Benefits

Truuue – Sorry to hear about that. Something terrible must have happened. Would you like to share the details with us?

Bethanie – Yeah it really terrible and had I not intervened this guy would have murdered his wife that night. He had this temper issue. A complete nutcase!

I got to know about this much later.  The husband terrorized his wife and when he used to get angry, he was totally out of control and would throw things towards her and hit her like a maniac! She was literally a punching bag!

That evening the violence became worst and one of the neighbours called me around 6 or 7 in the evening and told me he has heard a huge fight and the wife screaming for help. He first called the police and then me.

By the time I reached there, they took the wife to hospital emergency care and the husband fled from the scene.  He later got arrested.

The house was a war zone – it was totally destroyed. Blood on the floor, broken glasses, shattered TV screen, damaged wall – it looked like hell! I think I spent around $1500 to fix everything. I will never ever rent this place again.

Truuue – We understand it was a horrible experience and you lost money as well as peace. If our team takes care of your rental experience and protect you from financial loss, would you be interested to rent your place again?

Bethanie – Most definitely loh! With Truuue, I can only trust a stranger in my house easily, especially cause your renters’ insurance covers malicious damage and more which fits perfect for any landlord in my situation!

At TruRental we are committed to delivering the best experience suited for both landlord and tenant. We care about all the parties in the property transaction; we always aim for the WIN-WIN outcome. As you are reading this, our team is working relentlessly to find a suitable solution for these issues. To know more about our mission, follow us and download our app. Enjoy peace of mind the next time you rent in Singapore!


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